Shiny little Super Sale hookers that beg: keep me? Return me?

Follow Man Repeller | June 14, 2012
  • Keep. duh.

  • The Stylist

    keep for sure 😉

  • k mash

    keep! obv!

  • Guest

    Keep, in your vaginia

  • I liked them when I first looked at them but they’re a little Vegas bridesmaid… So return. Unless you’re going for that then keep!

  • Eherz11

     i would only keep them if you love them gotta have em and cant live without them. like real love. otherwise return , i dont think they are anything that special… sorry boo

  • Keep. Wear with turquoise and red.

  • Cheeze

    geez L, if you don’t want it, we’ll have it!! :p 

  • Nerea_lazaro
  • Vanessa Castro

    If you have nothing else like them in your closet, then you should keep it.

  • Margaux Shops For You

    The real question is: how much were they? Over $100? Return. I agree on the hen night in Vegas look.

  • Laura Herman

    keep! keep! keep!

  • Tishanna


  • I say keep! Could totally picture these with a pair of bf jeans and tee to take them down a notch. I have no doubt you could style them easily

  • flyzaminelli

    keep, fosho.

  • Luka


  • Sam

    Keep Keep Keep!

  • KEEP!!!

  • Chiara

    Vegas, return them..

  • Adri

    Fun shoes.  But I totally agree – too Vegas Bridesmaid  and not tres chic enough. 

  • Dree De Cordova


  • Nicole Filewich

    OMG — keep!!!! Serious.

  • Maria

    KEEP ME!

  • Fara

    They’re screaming keep me.

  • Gianvito Rossis are always really comfortable….but never manrepelling! Hmmmm?

  • MKP

    KEEP! They’re gorgeous!


    definitely KEEP.

  • Paola

    I say keep them only if a. you REALLY Love them (which judging by the fact that you put it upfor discussion is probably not the case) or b. you got a seriosly good deal o n them 😉 otherwise return, they’re not that amaze compared to some other major shoe-tuations you got going on.

  • Gorgeous!

  • Hannah

    Keep, or send to me.

  • Elyselutzi

    No question needed…now those I would wear with overalls!

  • Milak

    keep them!!! 

  • Sasha

    Return. If you find yourself wondering, you don’t really want them.