Sally the Camel

Follow Man Repeller | December 14, 2013

Had…two humps. And in this alternate reality, they were called shoulders.

I’m wearing a sweater from Uniqlo, Patrick Ervell jeans, Golden Goose sneakers, a Max Mara coat and an ivory blanket that someone gave me to me as a gift one time four score ago.

  • Absolutely love this outfit — especially with the Green Giants aka Golden Goose sneaks. Also, this Patrick Ervell person is puttin’ out some damn fine jeans.

  • Marta

    Great outfit, as usual. Would love if you post some more low-budget outfits though 🙂

    • Maryse

      If you want “low budget” outfits go to a cheap blog please ! If we came here, it’s to see her outfits (even if their gifted clothes, who cares !?) not to see the outfits that she puts on to please her readers !!