Re: “The One”

Follow Man Repeller | May 6, 2013

Remember that painfully long story I shared on Thursday to really simply explain that I had found the perfect leather jacket? Of course you do!

Well, here is what it looks like while it is on the human body as opposed to hung up on a white wall, against a little baby painting.

The shoes are Sergio Rossi and the dress be Simone Rocha.

  • Ash

    You consistently inspire me to rock my naturally big/curly/wavy hair. I even chopped my locks because it looks so cool. Thank you.


    You were right about that leather jacket…it actually is the one.

  • Uh yeah, it is perfect!

  • Liv

    that is a damn good outfit.

  • Aubrey Green

    What size did you buy?

    • Leandra Medine

      Small–I wanted a medium for the SUPER OVERSIZED effect but salesdude says it stretches

      • Aubrey Green

        Thank you!

      • Esther Garcia

        And which size do you usually use? the small or the medium? Thank you

  • KC

    I would like to eat it off of your body. But then I’d need to regurgitate it; my intestines won’t appreciate it quite like my eyes can.