Pulling through

@modaoperandi pullz tHrU.

At last, Moda Operandi does it. The neo-interpretation of a cowboy boot now rests on my foot. Via Isabel Marant.

  • mSneakPimp

    I love my berry Kate boots! These boots are boots are kick ass and IM is brilliant!

  • Modelistic

    Lanvin had some pretty cute cowboy boots for Spring so it’s settled then! Cowboy boots are back…did they ever REALLY leave though? Hmm…


    • Modelistic

      I though I was uploading a profile picture-Whoops!

    • Modelistic

      There we go

  • Mouthful of Style

    Totally agree! Well worth the wait for me too. Wearing them day and night

  • kathyg

    i think they are striking but will tire if them soon