One can never have too many shoes.

Follow Man Repeller | January 1, 2013

…Purchased on, boom, sale. (By Givenchy)

  • sister, these are to die for!

  • nd

    sorry, is this all u do? buy shoes that you are proud to say are on “sale” for $725?? wow

    • Leandra Medine

      well, no, i write essays about shoes that are on “sale” for $725, too!

      • Sarah

        Oh snap!

      • nd

        you are a clever one! 🙂

        • Leandra Medine

          if it’s any consolation, they were purchased with a birthday gift card from three friends!

          • nd

            i still look at your blog every single day, $725 boots or not. and what very nice friends!

          • lori

            but she’s a (really successful) fashion blogger? its her career. she spends her mula on clothes so she can be a legitimate writer on fashion. bottom line, its her job to shop! i enjoy her posts, most is out of my price range, but she introduces me to diff fashion lines. most lines carry some items that are in my price range. just got an awesome “the kooples” jacket at bloomingdales for $280, regular 650!!! i would never have gone to the kooples area if it wasn’t for some of her outfit posts. just an example.

  • really
  • yvonne ★

    ah tri-color boots, they have “versatility” written on their leather surface!