On constructing The Quintessential Summer Arm Party

Follow Man Repeller | July 24, 2012
  • Angels of the Night

    i love the rosehead bracelet and the hand chain!  Freakin awesome!!!

  • Anna

    What do we think about the lanyard look? I’ve seen some plastic knotting coming up in bracelets. 

  • wtf

    Wax much?

    • Ana_herran

      Looser much?

  • Genevieve

    those braceletsssssssss- Gonna go to greece just to get those. So pathetic

  • love those colors. arm rager.

  • Love the rainbow of colours. And about that waxing comment from wtf…pssshhh! I’m a gorilla compared to you! Gorgeous tan btw.


  • teeney

    LOVE this!!

  • the Sartorialist disagrees with your arm party mechnisms …..uh ohhhhh 😛 he states in his last post that ‘Ok guys, I think we’ve gotten a little carried away with the arm-full-of-bracelets trend. If one is good, seven is not seven times better. – WAR ! 😀 😀