Nothing says Monday like pretending you’re Cher Horowitz.

Follow Man Repeller | October 7, 2013

Clothing credzzzzzz: Etoile Isabel Marant jean jacket, Dries van Noten white t-shirt, Zara mini skirt, Valentino heels and my new favorite color of diarrhea/mucus velvet Reece Hudson green clutch which also kind of looks like a pillow which makes me feel really happy because that affords me the opportunity to feel like I am liable to take a nap whenever the hell I please!

Now that’s success.

  • Jerdana Selene


  • I have a skirt like that and I was thinking of giving it away because I haven’t worn it since, well, the time Cher Horowitz was the biggest thing ever. Might be moving it back into my closet, right on top of the “Rekindled romance” pile. x

  • candabear

    you need Cher’s over the knee socks!

  • Tripp

    The shoes….. SHIT

    • Leandra Medine

      As in, THE shit, or poop?

  • Success indeed.

  • Roux

    Medine, you “Man Repeller” you! Well you’ve failed. Cause you’re a a man.

  • notrunofthemill

    sweet shoes lady!

  • Stephanie McCurdy

    That clutch reminds me of the “car sleeping pillow” I take on work road trips. Which is to say it rocks.

  • Hereshoping Themayanswereright

    The shoes are soooooooo adorable and an absolutely charming addition to your denim ensemble. The juxtaposition is perfect.