Not a Bullying Tactic

Follow Man Repeller | September 20, 2013

Not trying to bully you or anything but uh, who has more copies? MR HQ or your personal HQ?

  • Savannah

    I almost cried when I read the part that Haim was your favorite and then he said what he said when you were on your family vacation in Italy. I was like OMG! I literally wanted to give you a hug.

  • Alba B.

    Sooner or later one of those copies will be mine, and you have to be pretty sure, as much as I do that is going to be signed by U, Leandra!!

  • brooke @ what2wear

    I like/loved you before purchasing your book, but after finishing it last night I respect/adore you 🙂
    brooke @ what2wear,