My very hip nightstand.

Follow Man Repeller | October 7, 2012

Here here to my temporary nightstand.

I moved last week and furniture has yet to settle but I’ve got shit that needs a home, enter the Seamen’s Moving (I know what you’re thinking and yes–I did in fact opt for this particular moving company because of its telling brand name,) cardboard box that changed it all. Maybe I’ll coat it a la Jil and just leave it be. A Hotel Costes candle and Hermes perfume sitting on a cardboard box is almost as magical a disconnect as a wad of cash dwelling inside a coated paper bag.

  • zoe

    What does your mom do? You lived with your parents before this recent move right? Based on the interior deco in the background of your outfit posts and all the amazing shoes you’ve borrowed from her in previous posts she seems like a VERY stylish mom!

    • Leandra Medine

      Not borrowed–she wears a size 9, I a size 6. Would be nice though! She’s a jewelry designer.

  • ccmendez

    I have the same one.

  • Gizel

    prayer books on the improvised nightstand? nice.

  • Jazmine

    I thought you moved a few months ago to Soho when you got married??? Is there “trouble in paradise?”

  • Jealous Jewess

    K. you have to be the baddest chick who owns an ‘aneini’. Help a sister out and send some clothes this way. Grazi