My lewk

I got nothing fitness related on the it just me or front.

I’m wearing a Zimmermann blazer and straight up bra and white Calvin Klein pants. I got in a cab at the end of the night and told the driver where I was going and you know what happened? He laughed and said, “HAHA! You look like you going to New Jersey in that.”


  • JSchiff

    The only thing remotely NJ about this is the presence of a bra. Silly Cabby.

    • lefukaka

      jordan? …please say yes.

      Leandra, you’re basically French.

      • JSchiff

        Sorry Charlie, my name is Jessica.

  • Emma Hager

    Uhh, well, just going based off stereotypes (especially ones that are held here in California), that doesn’t sound like a compliment. I think anyone on this here site, though, can vouch for the superiority of this outfit, and it’s ability to not even elicit any sentiments of tack. It’s just plain cool, and I liked to see the transition from the colors you wore last year, to the cool uniform-esque vibes of this year. Versatility, people.

  • Kay

    Hahahahaaaa!! I’m from jersey and don’t even know if I should feel proud or offended lmao
    Love the outfit :))

  • annacroswell

    No idea about the cab driver’s comment haha but you look amazing! Go girl.