What Would Betty Friedan Say?

Follow Man Repeller | July 14, 2012
  • Rob Parham

    It is a god awful, boring, and repetitive book.

  • personally, I love it 

  • Torocyn127

    its so captivating. a lot of parts are repetitive, but for some reason its addicting. i finished the series in 10 days to get it out of my system haha.

    • india

      “For some reason” – WHAT COULD THAT REASON BE?!?!?! 🙂


    “For some reason” – WHAT COULD THAT REASON BE?!?!?!

  • mokabu

    MR – I think Betty would applaud the commercialization of women’s eroticism.  The real question is what Susan Faludi would say?  I’d be keen to hear her point of view on the seemingly cyclical stunt media puts on women’s advancements.  
    Personally, I thought the book was also poorly written but entertaining, regardless.  The movie … well, I just don’t know;  I hope its 3D.

  • Suzanne Stal

    It’s sex, duurh