MR x PJK x me on the flow (meaning floor)

Follow Man Repeller | March 6, 2013

WE’RE ALL WEARING CLOTHES FROM THE COLLECTION CORRECTION! COLLECTION! Shop here if you want to, but you don’t have to. I’d never make you do anything.

  • $200 for polyester blouse? no, thanks . $100 a polyester tee? no no. Who wears any polyester? Why not cotton, linnen or silk ? at least there are some 100% silk dresses there

    • Martine

      I have no problem with polyester. Especially the thicker sort that reminds me of the 1960’s. Some of that is great. Now fake leather I will never stoop to, and I don’t like static cling. But then silk can be very staticky too. And never 100 percent cotton ot linen. Too wrinkly.

  • Sarah

    Love the collection, may I ask where your shoes are from, por favor?

    • Franny

      Me thinks they’re Alaia.

  • You need some Sole Goddess for those strappy shoes.