MR x PJK x me on the flow (meaning floor)

March 6, 2013

WE’RE ALL WEARING CLOTHES FROM THE COLLECTION CORRECTION! COLLECTION! Shop here if you want to, but you don’t have to. I’d never make you do anything.

  • Askanam

    $200 for polyester blouse? no, thanks . $100 a polyester tee? no no. Who wears any polyester? Why not cotton, linnen or silk ? at least there are some 100% silk dresses there

    • Martine

      I have no problem with polyester. Especially the thicker sort that reminds me of the 1960’s. Some of that is great. Now fake leather I will never stoop to, and I don’t like static cling. But then silk can be very staticky too. And never 100 percent cotton ot linen. Too wrinkly.

  • Sarah

    Love the collection, may I ask where your shoes are from, por favor?

    • Franny

      Me thinks they’re Alaia.

  • Danielle Lutz

    You need some Sole Goddess for those strappy shoes.