Me Last Night
…And then I was like, “should I wear my denim overalls or my denim jacket or my denim cut offs or all of them combined?” Ultimately, I settled on some seashells and wainscoted ambiance. Such is the beauty of country living…overalls that are Stella McCartney. And, hey, this is an old ass Roberto Cavalli top that my mom bought at a very big Madison Avenue boutique sale some seven years ago. I practically forced her to buy it–she was resistant, marking the fabric as somewhat ‘dirty looking,– but I knew that one day it would be mine. She wore it once, maybe twice because I had forced her to pair it with white high waist jeans. Fast forward to last night where I am in her closet, eye on blouse. She knew where I was going and looked at me confused, a little hesitant to hand it over until eventually, I reason quite impartially. “We can’t let this blouse go to waste.” She agrees and my initial manipulative near-decade-old plan is rewarded. So, in case you were wondering about that, speculations may now lay dormant. Also, sorry mom.
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