Follow Man Repeller | November 26, 2013

Hugo Lindgren (New York Times Magazine editor-in-chief) on what Manhattan is becoming — “Nothing says nowhere like a 7-Eleven.” Read the full story here.

  • Can’t win…

    Even though this article is focused on New York I can see the similarity in the city I currently live in as well. Houston is not a popular city to live in for Texas with everyone always trying to high tail it to Austin, but it does have a subtle charm. But just driving down Westheimer yesterday for the first time in a while I passed two construction sites for midrises and I know of several others off of Alabama. By New York standards I know our rent is still much cheaper, but unless you want to live in a garage apartment this has quickly become the standard. You have to have money to pay for old charm or a thin walled shoe box. Sigh.