Love heals.

Follow Man Repeller | December 1, 2012
  • Please help me understand?


    Its greek and It ….means take precautions in order to keep your feet on the ground strengthly….

  • Markella

    lala…. I’m greek and I’m so happy to see Greek in you blog:) 🙂

  • RLC

    So weird to see Greek…anywhere, really! I just moved from Athens.

  • Greer

    It’s like a little emergency supply if you ever find your man repelling has failed and you came unprepared

  • Steeze

    hehehe oh im greek and it says: so you can walk strongly/stable on your feet.

  • Barbara Bizi

    Thank you for supporting My Country. It is not the first time you are using Greek elements to your blog. You are a super girl.