Let’s talk about Le Labo for a second.

Follow Man Repeller | May 11, 2014

You go first. It’s for a story.

  • Anna

    I have vetiver, described (i later find out after the purchase) as their ‘most manly fragrance’. i’m a girl, i think it smells even more enticing on a woman. always a topic of conversation when i wear it. i work on a trading desk, so i’ not going to wear Impulse or Charlie am I?

  • BoyfriendsandBlazers

    It is the sexiest thing I wear. DAILY.

  • Tiane

    I have the Santal 26 candle in my room. It smells like the lobby of the gramercy park hotel!!! I light it when people come over and I always get compliments on it.. it’s alittle pricey but very worth it.. I like it better than the other diptyque candles I have.

  • Alex

    I have Vetiver and want to drink it and bath in it!!!!


  • Fell in love with Lys 41 when I stopped in to the Nolita shop last summer and bought it in the LA shop upon returning home

  • Ambrette 9 is our favorite!!! http://www.LEZU.com

  • 454

    Santal and Vetiver stand out for me. Combining Oud with others proves evocative. I will try Bergamote. Used to be a Jo Malone girl, but Le Labo is attractive.