Lady Gaga’s Fame
As the rumors went, this perfume, crafted for her monsters was meant to depict Lady Gaga’s sweat, smell of semen, blood…delightful aromas like that but the fact of the matter is, at first spray, what you get are white lilies dipped in candy of the gummy variety. Yum! Irony rears its head at the notion of the fragrance’s liquid, dubbed “Black Fluid,” and make no mistake–when applying the scent to skin, an interesting hue of a lethal red will certainly infiltrate your inner wrists. It’s a river of disconnects and misconceptions, blood that smells like cotton candy? But for the sake of smelling clean and feeling good, I’ll tell you what: it ain’t half bad. Before I reckoned I’d review it, it seemed that Instagram had done so for me, and a mid w big ton of excited Canadians anticipating its September launch, here’s what some of the very creative commenters had to say about the fragrance– Upon my likening it to white lilies dipped in candy, “So it smells like a sweet funeral?” “I just tried it and thought it would be so hardcore. It smelled like great laundry.” “Identity crisis…that I will partake in.” “I thought it smelled like jaeger and rum. It’s bottled intoxication.” And then someone said it smelled like Jeanbenet Ramsey, this was a particular favorite. What does that even smell like? The general consensus and conclusion I’d offer is: give it a stealthy try because, well, why not? And also–baby, I was born this way.
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