Just ate the most graphic Gummy Bears I have ever met.

Follow Man Repeller | August 29, 2013

I mean, can you believe that in trying to procreate, these gummy bears had another one fall through their roof? Where’s the camradier, dangit? Haribo just isn’t what it used to be.

  • Aubrey Green

    I really love this and it is one of my favorite things I’ve seen, partly because I love gummy bears, but more so cause I always play with the little guys too. I love to bite their heads off first, is that weird, probably. This feels nostalgic to me – so thanks for that.

  • andrieya

    i felt dirty watching this.

  • Ellyn Greenspan

    Great intro into a Gummy’s life. But did you know if you leave a Gummy out in the rain it gets larger. More to eat.