Joan loves the beach. #slouchingtowardcrete

Follow Man Repeller | June 19, 2012
  • Guest

    Looks like someone studied this in English Lit!

  • Guest

    I love Joan Didion. Best in StB include, her intro, ‘On Keeping a Notebook’, ‘On Morality’ and ‘Goodbye to All That’. Good taste.

  • Blabby

    I can’t believe you are proudly reading Joan Didion and proudly proclaiming yourself to be who you are. Have you ever worked a single day in your life? Have you ever paid for your fashions yourself? Have you seen what the world is like for people who don’t have the kind of privilege you’ve experienced your entire life? 

    • SaltyMuch??

       who hurt you? go take your salty a** somewhere else with that, if you don’t like this blog then don’t come on here mad and upset because she blogs about what she blogs about, does she owe you any explanation for anything she post here? No? Do you like people questioning a part of your life? Please, it makes me sick that people hid behind a computer and talk shit about people and wonder, sounds like you’re salty about her enjoying her life and being lucky enough to make a living talking about fashion. Go cry a river somewhere else.

  • Sarah Cocos

    I love Joan Didion, play it as it lays,