IT'S THE WEEKEND! TIME TO...oh, wait. #TuesdayBluez

That’s right. It’s actually Wednesday. Meh.

Acne jean jacket, Stella McCartney pants.

  • momopero

    Madame MR, I’m a huge fan of yours…if I could say the biggest fan I would but you will see me as the creepy little fan behind her computer with posters all over her room of your outstanding style. Yes, you are my style icon, I am sure of it! You have that thing with fashion that every single girl could wish for . Its funny because well, no, its not funny but anyway I always told myself that I would never ever post a comment any where , on any blog I surf into but guess what? I was wrong! I am a enormous fan of your writing , I feel like someone understand when I want to wear that short with African pattern or my red flashy perfecto ! Anyway I am going to put an end to my first ever blog comment , might be the last one but I hope you do put a smile on your face when read my post! xxx momopero