Isn’t she lovely

Follow Man Repeller | October 13, 2012

Not even a pair of white suede studded Isabel Marant booties deliberately propped atop a really nice round side table, just next to an excellent smelling Bond NYC candle could so much as compete with the majestic feeling this photo (and the prerequisite real time shot) evokes.

Happiness is not, hasn’t been, won’t ever be, in things.

  • Lucidanne6

    Beautiful picture & beautifully written.

  • Not So Gentle Reader

    True. But it still must be so much nicer to be rich and therefore able to chase intangibles like foreign sunsets, right?

  • Celeste

    this coming from a fashion blogger makes me have so much more faith in people. well, at least you.


    A very nice way to be reminded of the truth. <3