Important Question, Seeking Answer

Follow Man Repeller | June 12, 2014

Is this look cool or does it make you want to drool — not in the good way? Bear in mind that skirt is actually not a skirt. It is pants. Pants, I tell ya. Two legs.

Blouse by Suno, sandals by Isabel Marant

  • Tara Chacón

    Love an onlooker

  • Caroline

    I absolutely love this on you, but for me to pull it off, I’d have to wear the pieces separately– either fitted pants or a more fitted top. But as always, you pull it off and look great! Really love the top.

  • GapToothedGirl

    I love this look, the blouse is gorgeous!
    XOX, Gap.

  • Debbie Iles

    Cool, definitely cool! More so because those are pants. I was on the fence until that was pointed out. Awesome pants, great top. Love roomier silhouettes right now. Necklaces make the top work in daytime and that you aren’t busty.

  • The “Pants, I tell ya” part is like a #TBT to your oldest blog posts! The good old days of bolded sentences and “I tell ya’s.”

    This blog has been so entertaining and good in every stage. But it just keeps getting better.

    • Leandra Medine

      Oh, Emma.

  • Not my fav, I have to be honest 🙂



  • emma

    Risky, but if anyone can pull it off, you can. I think I might prefer a close-fitting top so the proportions are a bit more balanced.

  • Victoria Irving

    I find the subtle pleating on the trouser legs distracts attention from the blouse, and it’s gorgeous. However separately I think they could work a dream. Lovely colours 🙂

  • Karyn

    The low pleat line of the pants distracts me. My eye raises to the shirt then it is dragged back down to that pleat. My eyes cannot rest.

  • May I suggest a derivation of that good old rule “either a low cleavage or a mini”?

    You know, like: either a full skirtrousers and a fitted top or fitted trousers and a billowy blouse. I know this blog is not about stupid rules, but … maybe you do like contrasts?

  • DROOL. I do not like this. If it didn’t have the gathers at the knee, maybe, but I just cannot like this.


  • cool.

  • Cassandra Vallée

    I think I would look like a wild nun or something if I wore this haha

  • su

    Cool pants! But I’d prefer another top – a cropped one perhaps.
    Love Your posts. All of them!

  • Niki

    You should have asked the lovely lady beside you; she looks rather perplexed by the idea of this combination.

  • Claudia Peterson

    Gimme those pants! GIMME!

  • TheRanta

    I want that shirt. I want it NOW.

  • FunKyChick

    Like the top, not the bottoms. Whether it’s a maxi skirt or very wide leg pants, i don’t like it. I don’t like maxi skirts or dresses in general.