If Today Had A Theme

Follow Man Repeller | July 25, 2013

It would definitely be Dress Like Your Favorite 80-Year-Old Man Thursday.

Wearing an Etoile Isabel Marant sweater, Chloe pants – both purchased on sale – and Golden Goose sneakers.

  • Viv

    Don’t you ever feel guilty about spending your massive amounts of money on clothes rather than using it, or at least some of it, for the greater good?

    • Leandra Medine

      I’m more a fantastic and diligent sale shopper, than someone swimming in cash. But more importantly, I do, in fact, have a deep sense of social responsibility and vested interest in the ‘greater good’ both in my personal and public life. At times i’ve leveraged MR to support causes, and at times i’ve simply been involved personally and privately.

      • thecuriousone

        Even on sale those pants cost 400$, the only “diligent sale shoppers” who can afford to make these sort of purchases on a regular basis are those, who are in fact, swimming in cash.

      • me

        Don’t even entertain this. The discussion on what people should spent THEIR money on is endless and endlessly annoying.

    • kara

      1. How do you know what she’s given to charity?
      2. Do YOU spent 80% on your fun money on charity? Doubt it.
      3. No need to shame someone for having money. That’s tacky.

    • Bec

      People need to remember that this fashion blog is Leandra’s job therefore her spending money on clothes is like a tradesman spending money on tools. It is a requirement for the success of her business.

    • Alba B.

      “You don’t ask smb’s age, if you aren’t a good friend of him/her.

      You don’t ask smb who is she/he dating,if you aren’t a good friend of him/her.

      You don’t ask smb how much she/he is earning, if you aren’t a good friend of him/her.” by Sandra Bullock

  • andrieya

    that cuff is the shiz

  • Leandra, you’re like 5′ 7”. So if this is you looking like an 80 year-old man, you have definitely inspired me to be an 80 year-old woman. (‘Cause I’m short.) I dunno. Old-age outfits are so gender-neutral. With that said, I like your outfit as usual. (What’s with the don’t-spend-so-much-$$-on-clothes talk? I thought fashion blogs are meant for ppl who’re looking for better ways to spend their $$ on clothes.)

  • Marin

    Possibly the best sweater I’ve seen in a long time.

  • Amatoria Clothing

    More importantly…. WHO is your favorite 80-year-old man, and where can I find him??? 😉