I will do no such thing.

Follow Man Repeller | April 29, 2013

It’s funny–or at the very least interesting enough to elicit my wanting to snap it and gram it–but is it true?

I for one, find nostalgia beautiful, though as aptly pointed out by an Instagram commenter, “not what it used to be.” (Subsequently, too, agreed with by a twitter commenter who said, “the older I get, the better I was.”)

Thoughts from the audience?

  • nia

    um if we didn’t have nostalgia then we wouldn’t have memories and isn’t the purpose of life to create amazing memories?

    “nostalgia [is] beautiful”

  • nia

    um if we didn’t have nostalgia then we wouldn’t have memories and isn’t the point of life to create beautiful memories?

    “nostalgia [is] beautiful”

  • Ron Burgundy

    Religion, Literature, and Mythology all teach us that bemoaning the past is dangerous business. Lot’s wife looked back at the destruction of Sodom and was turned into a pillar of salt; Gatsby stared at the green light of the past and was shot in the head; and Orpheus, while pulling his beloved Eurydice out of the pits of Hades, looked down and lost her forever. And women, would they think of having a second child after experiencing the pains of labor? Forgetfulness is a blessing. Nostalgia is a curse.

  • Aubrey Green

    Of course we need nostalgia! Maybe they meant assholes, (or assholia)? – I mean we literally needs those, but you know…not in the body function kind of way. I was just curious what would happen if I looked up “assholia” – the joys of google – http://www.assholia.com. In the urban dictionary; assholia: the condition when someone becomes a true asshole.

  • frida

    the older I get, the better I was. Now that is something I would like to frame and put on my wall!

  • Idiots

    Someone born in the 90’s or someone with a meaningless, boring life must’ve written that. Nostalgia is WONDERFUL.

  • kdfly

    Nostalgia is an indulgence. I appreciate the past as part of the present but if I linger in what was, I miss out on all that is.