I love unironic summer sequins, that’s ma fkn praahblem.

Follow Man Repeller | July 19, 2013

This skirt is from All Saints. The t-shirt is by Rxmance and the sneakers are…duh, Golden Goose. And re the caption, see this.

  • LeGzZZz n sequinzzzz! Met a few members of the ASAP Mob (no rocky, unfortunately ) on St. Mark’s Pl btwn 1st & A the other day. Very nice people, great encounter haha and picture to boot.

  • Louise

    You. Have. Brilliant. Legs.

    • Leandra Medine

      I think it’s the mirror. Srsly.

      • louise

        They do it with mirrors, have to get one of those!

  • thecuriousone

    Just out of curiosity, where would you go wearing that?

    • Leandra Medine

      Well, I went to work AND to get a bikini wax and then even to dinner in it.

      • Ash

        Hell yes.