I Know You Know What I’m Saying

Follow Man Repeller | September 12, 2012

Image via Face Hunter. My intention is to reappropriate this image from whatever sites shot it yesterday outside the Rodarte show and say something like, “ha, ha, sweet irony. I’m so irreverent.” I will then continue on being an asswad.

Dannijo necklaces, Ralph Lauren sunglasses, American Apparel t-shirt, Christopher Kane x J Brand jeans. Aurelie Bidermann, Mark Henry rings and bracelets.

  • So this pic is going viral in my blogger groups, haha, people are mad, and I for one don’t think it’s a bad shirt, it’s true to an extent, but I really wanna Scream “why so serious” to everybody who is frazzled over it.

    • Leandra Medine

      Seriously? Doesn’t my HAVING a blog allow me to wear this shirt ironically???

      • Uhhhhh that’s what the hell I thought, I was like hey guys she does have a blog too…and she can make fun of it, so pull those sticks out and keep going, but I have to say, you may have new followers because I was like “Leandra don’t care about making fun of herself”, and they were like, how do you know her name…and who is she? I was like ….O_o what?? What blogging planet do you live on? So they were actually happy to find your blog, well at least the ones who agreed that your shirt is cool and badass…so you’re welcome in advance (kidding) haha.

        • Leandra Medine

          I do love you, E.S.P.

  • Martin


  • You’re my hero.

  • need.this.shirt.

  • Greer

    How many other bloggers do you, first of all, see daring to wear a shirt like this and, second of all, see daring to post a picture like this? fuck Hanneli, fuck Chiara, I love you Leandra.

  • TBFB

    I absolutely LOVE this you are fabulous & unique. I found you via a link on IFB definitely following you 😀