I am who I am who I was who I am.

Follow Man Repeller | December 27, 2012

I’m worried that when comes time for my children to reflect on their childhoods, they’ll be at the mercy of inconsistent, unreliable digital devices instead of a good ol’ book full of memories. Throwback Thursday has been an excellent exercise in arm flexing (through old photos, albeit of myself) and consequently remembering forgotten details of my childhood, like this one, from a December vacation in 1995 to Aruba with my parents and two brothers (the third was still a mere twinkle in my mother’s eye.)

My guess is that I am yelling something along the lines of, “Mooooooooom! Get me cream cheese for my rolls!”

Frankly, it’s a wonder I waited 18 years to cut my hair like that again. But I think the real importance here functions as a testament to my unshakeable demeanor–clearly, I’ve always been (or since ’95, at very least) certifiably ridiculous and though photos no come with noise, quite loud, too.

  • tijana

    now THAT made me laugh out hard! man you’re funny..and so original, thats hard to beat!

  • lolololol this makes me laugh to much!
    and i had no idea we were able to comment on the manstagram stuff! 馃槢


  • anonymous

    haha AMAZING!!!

  • You are adorable.

  • Rose_Luv

    forget the hair, the real question is how are you so skinny now?!?!?! please tell us all that you don’t eat!

  • nataliyabodnar

    oh it is so sweet but why you are so skinny know tell me your secret

  • M么nica from Brazil

    A real wild child ! So cute… But tell us your secret : what you make to be so skinny now????

  • Graciela

    Haha!! but your face looks exactly the same!!

  • Zizi

    You’re personality was evident way back when

  • JZ

    i was at bikram last night, feeling all hot in my shorts and sports bra when i went into a forward bend to reveal my rolls in all their glory and all i could think of was “mooooom get me some cream cheese for my rolls!” thus that became my mantra for the rest of class, and it was awesome

  • omg ahahahah, i love this giiirl^_^

  • Peri Makenna

    This is like EVERY ONE of my childhood photos. Except you don’t have a bucket on your head like the one I wore for a solid two years.

  • Odes

    Leandra, this one is so purely beautiful – it’s actually making me tear up! This is soul-tickling awesomeness. P.S. totally bought patchwork Madewell overalls and have rocked them in a corporate office with red stilettos and with black suede sandals at a couple of rock shows because of you. Even got a “that’s cool” from Eric McFadden here in L.A. while he was doing his guitar thing. Thanks. It’s good to feel French again!

    Merci et bonne nuit,

    Odelia :o)