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Follow Man Repeller | June 27, 2013

This is not the bling ring.

Is anyone else starting to feel their attention diverting toward “fashion forward fine jewelry” as my friend Rachel puts it? I think I’m starting to believe that as I grow older (and establish larger paychecks), I become slightly more invested in, you know, investing in jewelry I don’t have to take off when I shower, or go to sleep, or mud wrestle. Maybe that’s just me, though–thoughts?

  • Kate Barnett

    are you doing long division in the background of those bling rings?

  • I usually try to read the background notes when you post pictures like this (sort of like way back when with the FOMO post), but all I can see this go-round is something about a bikini and something ironic, and “discerning the difference’. Guess we’ll have to wait and see just what path these thoughts will lead us down. I freaking love this place.

    • Leandra Medine

      Re: bikini–missing words are: “and burka complex”

  • Danielle Munroe

    source on crown ring?

  • Monica

    I love the way you layer jewelry. Personally, as far as hand accoutrements, the only thing I wear is a super thin band on my thumb. It used to be three bands interlinked, when it was given to me for first communion… Two have since passed on. Bracelets, watches and other rings bother me. This is concerning, if I do eventually get married.