Hey Guys!

Follow Man Repeller | April 8, 2013
  • I’m commenting on everything today so may I just add that I REALLY like how these shoes match the Paris Review. I think this photograph ultimately represents the raison d’etre of Man Repeller: intellectually-stimulating content by way of inherently fun, out-there platforms (meant in the shoe and media domain senses of the word).

    • Leandra Medine

      If man repeller were a club, I am pretty sure you would be president.

      • If that were a role, I’d proudly take it. So…when is Club Day? But last time I checked Man Repeller was also a lifestyle…and, baby, I’m livin’ it.

      • Alba B.

        I would like Man repeller to be a school and a way of life!!! As much as you are part of our daily lives (@ least talking to myself)!!!

  • Gabi

    gonna die. died. dead.

  • I wish i could live in heels I just can’t, these are so cute!

  • Najla

    Amazing! That is all

  • patriciabrand