Follow Man Repeller | October 10, 2012

We were going for a serious vibe, which Jodie fucked up. Just kidding, she didn’t fuck it up but she definitely ruined it. Kidding again, how’s your brother doing?

The sisters with the crystal brains are wearing dope ass April, May jackets with, duh, their own bombass jewelry while I, I wear Ellery pants and a T by Alexander Wang sweater, my own dose of great Dannijo and a Gigi Burris hat. One that–I don’t mean to brag–I designed way before Hedi Slimane even knew Saint Laurent was dropping the Yves.

I don’t actually know that for fact, I’d even probably argue it’s wildly untrue but pilgrims rock and the world should know it.

  • I’m obsessed wiff your pants !!

  • I love your hat.

  • Katiestar

    Your pants are looking full in the way a man would fill them.

  • lucie

    I love the pants of the lady in the middle. Do you know who made it, by any chance?

  • Shiney pantssssss (eye growing bigger and Zombie like)

  • Harbir

    If I saw you three ladies on the street I’d be envious of your next-level-cool attire. Conforming is boring, being unique is chic.