From NY Times Mag

Follow Man Repeller | November 2, 2013

So if kale is a pair of wedge sneakers, broccoli is the Manolo Blahnik pump equivalent when measuring ‘timelessness’ and staying power?

  • mfrieed

    Geez I know kale is trendy but it is food. If it is good for you and you can find a tasty way to make it, why not enjoy it? Please don’t compare kale to wedge sneakers. What did kale do to deserve such an awful comparison?

  • I have hard time finding kale pretentious: it’s traditional food in Northwest Germany, served with sausages 🙁 (of course), so if needing to describe it as shoes, I’d go for sandals with white socks. Nothing pretentious about it, at all 🙂
    Now, broccoli … appears in just about any magazine or newspaper wanting to shed health information: Broccoli Is Good Against Cancer. I do like it but I hate the hype: Green Birkenstocks with Swarowski crystals, maybe?