From Lucky’s August Issue

Follow Man Repeller | June 27, 2013

For the record, I am pretty sure this is the first time that I paired plaid accessories with plaid pants. Why do I say some of the things I say and furthermore, why are people around to hear it, document it, and print it?

  • That shirt is BOMB.

  • Nika

    they do because you are just awesome!

  • I guess now you might just have to do a post on how you like pairing plaid accessories with plaid pants, just for consistency’s sake, since it’s in print and stuff. Perhaps you did it in a past life?

  • devo13

    Saw this in Lucky today. Looking good!

  • Hannah.X


  • LatinPosh

    You look fantastic <3

  • Dani Jo

    I saw this in Lucky today!

    You look absolutely stunning. I would just like to express to you how much I adore your style and your writings. You are so funny and have such a unique flair to everything you post.

    You’re rather wonderful, Mrs. Medine.

  • meowgal

    Hahahaa I love this. You are amazing

  • Rubi E

    epic, lol