From Last Night

Follow Man Repeller | November 13, 2012

I’m wearing a Pamela Love choker, Chanel dress, Rebecca Minkoff leather jacket, Celine white heeled loafers (which, by the way, broke upon my return home last night, a quick snap between the sole and heel shredded my own soul to pieces. I’m being dramatic, my soul is fine, they’re just shoes and most likely reparable) and a Laura Vela structured bag that looks like a lunchbox but does not harbor any food. Rather, just lipstick, keys, tampons and a passport. A passport? Look, you never know when you’re going to have to pick up and get the fuck out and I for one, would like to do so while I am borrowing Chanel from the house of Coolness.

So…are you in Vancouver? I am, I am.

  • Chloe

    Looking gorgeous as always!!! I love everything individually but thrown all together they look even better!

  • Vancouver BC or another Vancouver? If Vancouver BC, I am here!

  • are you in Vancouver? I will be any moment!

  • Pwhahahaha, yeah i carry my passport for that same reason, people call my crazy but guess what I’ve used that passport to buy liquor when i forgot my ID so “take that” haha.

  • Phenomenal! I love that dress and those shoes are adorable – So sorry to hear about the broken heel, that’s such an awful feeling. I definitely cried when the heel on my favorite pair of Fendis snapped. I’m tearing up just thinking about it actually…

  • Graciela

    I love those shoes!

  • See you at Secret Location tomorrow 🙂

  • steph

    LEANDRA WHERE ARE YOU I LIVE IN VAN ! It would be sweet to see you

  • Sonsy

    Minas shoe repair on Wall St. Entertaining AND efficient.

  • yvonne ★

    You look a little man-propelling here! But really chic, really.
    I’m guessing that your marriage made you look more feminin, which is NOT a bad thing.

  • Adanyluk

    OHMYSHOES I can’t believe you were here! So sad that it was only one day in Van!

  • eitherwearajacketordon’t

    I love great clothes, finding new designers that accentuate my fupa, and comparing bad style to grundles as much as the next girl, but PLEASE, explain this new trend of not inserting one’s arms into their intended jacket sleeves (unless, of course, one arm is in a sling). Other than that, fabulous outfit. xx

  • style-squared by z&m


  • lori

    ur celine shoes BROKE? what the heck. how did that happen?