My crack dealer (read: a shoe salesman at Barneys by day, wildly ambitious fellow with brilliant ideas and killer style to boot by night,) sent along this photo of a new pair of Manolo Blahnik mules that just hit the floor at Barneys. My reaction? Internal fireworks. And why? I’m not sure. When I say they’re new I mean that literally and not figuratively at all because ultimately what we have here is a tangible recollection of 18th Century literature and all the romance that comes along with the personalities depicted in the aforementioned, in shoe-formation.And while I appreciate a good mule, this is more than that. It’s a great mule. You see, Manolo Blahnik is one of few designers who have never neglected the shoe silhouette in question. While according to fashionable convention, it’s back now, it wasn’t two or three or five seasons ago, and that never stopped his hunger to continue manufacturing it, selling it, giving it new life. In tie dye velvet green and elaborate embellishments Manolo Blahnik deserves, at the very least, a hardy hats–or rather, shoes–off. In mules, that’s an easy one.
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