Fifty Shades of Denim: The UO Challenge, Day 4
Remember when “designer jeans” were effectively everything. I had a pair of that variety in burgundy and the second time I wore them, the crotch ripped all up. I was devastated, suicidal even. And then I got over it. So far, the crotch on these has yet to offend me, and they were $58. Day four of the self-imposed challenge is here which means there is only day five left which means a deep wave of depression may or may not kick in really soon. Denim is great and today in challenge world, (not so) lazy Mondays kick it back scarlet style because that’s what average people trying to be cool people do for fun. Wear red jeans that match red sunglasses and drink coffee. It’s a necessary prop. Also, boots like these know no seasonal hazards. And to that note, it’s unnatural to assume that should we wear jeans we will always do so with heels (see, challenge day 1, 2, 3.) Know what I’m saying? Know?
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