Fifty Shades of Denim: The UO Challenge, Day 2
And if day one was about appeasing the hidden creative sub-conscience of the man who put the orange cone there, day two is about Lady Gaga and Beyonce, but only in the same way their song, “Telephone” is. It makes a good necklace, me thinks. The motivation behind this one fall under the extensive loot of prints umbrella. Are they animal? Are they tribal? Are they mundane? Why not all? The jacket actually reads a bit more subtle than I thought it would and more or less grown to match well with everything. Such is the life of a print that is neutral, I guess. The jeans are skinny ankle and not stretch at all–a difficult combo to come by in this day and age probably because it requires we go up two sizes. When all is said and big though, it’s worth it. Black and white jeans are likely the easiest “update,” for the first inklings toward a fall wardrobe. And in the summer, they compliment a counter-printed mule pretty well. It’s a win-win, I say. How would you wear ikat denim?
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