Fifty shades of denim: The UO Challenge Day 1
In the first of five installments completely originally titled Fifty Shades of Denim, I comply with a self imposed challenge to style myself using five different pair of jeans from Urban Outfitters in five different looks to depict their versatility. What with August upon us, I figured there’s no better way to usher in Back-to-School season. Up today: what will confuse the matter further, a layering denim story. And, naturally, it’s only as relevant as the cone I’m squatting on, man I’m winking at. Construction sites just tug at my heart strings the way few other things can. That said, I think we can agree the meat of this look, though heightened by an over-sized vest, denim heels, and the requisite Marant football tee, lies in the intergalactic nature of a pair of high waist jeans that offer three different colorways and stars. Stars! How would you wear these jeans?
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