Evening Wear
Spoken literally because it was evening and this is what I wore. Initially, I’d dubbed it: If Antonio Banderas were ever to do a movie about Thanksgiving pants in which he is a cross dresser. Instagram commenters, however, likened it to the endeavors of Hedi Slimane’s first collection for Saint Laurent (sprinkled over a dose of Rachel Zoe.) But I’ll have you know this hat has been in possession since August. Remember this? Refresher. That said, it’s hard not to let subconscious influencers like Hedi Slimane give fresh life to the things you already own. Wearing: Zimmermann blazer, MiH jeans, (next, I need these ones,) a scarf from Cos–figure this the more upscale H&M of Europe, Stella McCartney pumps and a Gigi Burris hat.
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