Dries Fran Lebowitz

Follow Man Repeller | February 20, 2013

I’m trying, okay? Real hard. (Wearing a Dries van Noten coat from the Barney’s Warehouse Sale, American Apparel sweater, MiH jeans, doily socks–I finally found them!–from Topshop, a Dannijo collar, and the now ubiquitous Golden Goose sneakers).

Also a good idea in light of the Dries Fran reference and in spite of the fact that the interview I am about to prompt you read was held in 1993 (when, let’s be honest, I wasn’t even sure where my damn nose is): listen to my recommendation. It transcends the mark of time and still holds wild relevance. The interview from The Paris Review is a remarkably good read for aspiring writers, including such quips as, “to me, O’Hara is the real Fitzgerald,” and “A pleasure in writing a novel is that you can make your characters do anything,” and perhaps my favorite: “The only job that is worse [than writing] is coal mining.”  Read Fran Leibowitz talk to The Paris Review here.

  • rocketscientess

    I freakin’ love that you’re referencing the Paris Review and that genius interview. And while I’m at it — thank you for wearing a football jersey on Project Runway. You’re aces.

  • Morvarid

    You spelled her name wrong — it’s LEBOVITZ.

  • Morvarid

    OOPS! Make that LEBOWITZ.

    • Leandra Medine

      GOOD CATCH. Thanks!

  • cindy kazanjian

    LOVE Fran Lebowitz and am glad you are talking about her. We need more from her. Love your blog! xx-Cindy K