Follow Man Repeller | July 20, 2012
  • Lia


  • Christawcollett

    These are pretty amazing, I want them in my posession now.

  • Christawcollett


  • jax

    I’d wear the shit out of those 

  • Dana Balch


  • kind of in love

  • kind of in love

  • Torocyn127

    im at a loss, a part of me likes them, and then another part of me wanted to run for cover.

    • Mina

      Completely agree with you on this one! Try looking at them for about 10 times with a few second gaps, trust me after the 4th time you will start liking them less and less. There is something not right about these shoes. First impression – AMAZING shoes, but the novelty wears off very fast!

      • Hannah

        Im in this club. 
        I looooove me some sneakers–which is why I love them at first, second and third glimpse but I still haven’t had the urge to search them out to buy. 

  • Valerie degagne

    FA-BU-LOUS !

  • What I think is not important, how it makes me feel is ….ya, yuck.

  • Lucidanne6


  • Samantha

    I think I see a heel within the shoe? Regardless they’re quite entertaining

  • Pauline C

    I love that Isabel sneakers are the kind of shoes that you wear when you are DIY the Maje windows shopping, not when you are at a big event. Those shinny shoes are fabulous, but IF only you wear them on the day light !!!!! Silver and gold doesn’t mean party shoes
    There you go, what I think

  • Ali

    Utter radness.  Metallic makes just about all shoes better, and these are no exceptions.  

  • the pony

    the most unnecessary  combination of two shoes in the world, yet so adorable.wanna have,wanna wear, night and day,probably more often at night,and dance in their shiny metallic glimmer!

  • Luckyrae22

    I totally think we know what you think. Wedge sneakers are not done happening

  • Guest

    It remembers me of Carnival in my town in Spain spraying our trainers to look like supergirls coming from a future-space-apocalypse world… we must give this style a try!!

  • Juliana

    I think they’re nice but the fact they have heels annoys me a little…. A LOT! hahah
    It’s not for everybody, some people just look ridiculous wearing them. And some people look pretty cool!

  • Olivia


  • SarahFace

    They are awesome! they remind me of some metallic gold diesel sneakers i adored when i was in high school.   People always made jokes about them making me run really fast………

  • Ohopkins42

    don’t get thsoe

  • Carol

    too much!!! 

  • Style-Squared by Z&M



  • Ale Guerra

    horrible… if you’re going to buy IM baskets, get the black w/ python ones… i just got them (they’re perfect)

  • Andypmonty


  • CAP

    Amazing with a total black or white look. GO. FOR.IT

  • Sandrine

    I think this one are the shoes that Neil Armstrong was wearing when he was walking on the moon ! 

    ( Bon mon anglais est pas super correct alors je continue en francais )
    La première chose que je me suis dite quand je les ai vues c’est : ” Oh mon dieu !! Des chaussures de cosmonautes ! ” 

  • Oh dear. My heart hurts,  and I feel like I just developed paralysis in my whole mouth from the jaw dropping beauty. She’s genius. 

  • abso-FREAKING-lutely love sneak wedges. this is my newest obsession… I’m wearing an old Steve Madden pair and have THREE MORE pairs (various designers) in the mail. on their way to my doorstep. right now. I’m dying of anticipation.

  • my only question though is are these really man-repelling??? what do your guy friends think of your sneakers ladies??