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Follow Man Repeller | January 21, 2013

I took my leap of faith–have you taken yours?

Also, earwax is good for us, right?

  • HRO

    Wow! A well done leap of faith. Did the faith hurt?

    • Leandra Medine

      Not as badly as I thought it would–know what I likened it to? Putting pressure on a tooth that is aching, it’s painful but it’s also kind of…nice.

      • HRO

        Ahh I see. I want to get it done but afraid I might jump to the ceiling when pierced. Thank you for the analogy.

      • Ai-Ch’ng

        Well said – it’s exactly like that! And your piercing looks great on your ear.

      • Stephanie Dwine

        I got it done today after being chicken for so long but I had to get a rod in and wait 3 months for a ring. Jealous!

      • Anouska

        I have had three mid-life crisis (at 37)…a micro-dermal anchor in the back of my neck, a wrist tattoo, and have recently dip-dyed my hair pink…all very tastefully done may I add. Oh yes.

        • Anouska


  • Bre

    Well done! I’ve had the same piercing for 12 years and have had the same ring in for 6. Looking forward to seeing what you jam in that hole, I’m at a loss for inspiration…

  • Marie-Emmanuelle

    I knew it! I knew that you we’re going to have it at that exact place, it suits so well with your haircut… Harmony!?!

  • natalia

    i have wanted this piercing for at least 12 years, you have inspired me. i have been needing a new tat or piercing or some change affordable/exciting. looks great!

  • Tamar Ariana

    Where did you get it pierced? I used to have this piercing and am looking to get it re-done…I hate that some places only have those ugly thick surgical steel rings! Yours is much classier!

    • Leandra Medine

      new york adorned!