Commandment 11 would have said thou shalt not deny yourself the right to white but there was no space left on the allotted pillars, so.

Follow Man Repeller | November 9, 2012

And commandment 12 would have ended it off with “between September and April, you are by no means encouraged to shave your legs. Long live furry ankles.” (the shoes are Celine)

  • d

    cute stubble!

  • Sophia Louise

    Ah, and furry ankles are oh so warm! Love those shoes.

    xo Sophia Louise

  • :S


    • Leandra Medine


      • style-squared by z&m

        :)))))) so you!

  • Hana

    The very specific kind of stubble i love to pluck!

  • Niki


  • la fede

    omg!!! shaveee!

  • Jeff Cullen

    White shoes, blue jeans. Something I do often (and well past Labour day! Gasp!)… love it! I think I’m slowly succeeding in convincing my GF that I couldn’t possibly care less if she doesn’t shave her legs every day. She’s fucking human for chrissakes–we’ve got hair.

    • Noo


  • DanaSorr

    Celine and leg hair… quite the juxtaposition! Love love love the shoes.