Case study exhibit A.

Follow Man Repeller | August 17, 2012

Charlotte (the new jack of all trades at Man Repeller) and I bought a couple bags of beads yesterday. After some morning meetings and the subsequent shooting of some fall shit, an itch to crafted manifested. I’d have written it off as a means to get back in touch with my youth but a friend of mine, the painter who scribes Sketch 42 had made a really smart comment about the To Buy or DIY essay that I wrote last week and that got me thinking.

She said, “until recently, all human beings had to make things for themsel[ves], and now I think we are seeing a backlash toward the over industrialized, computerized world we live in. I think people want to reconnect with the art of using their hands to make things. Just look at cooking…after the age of microwaving everything came the resurgence of gourmet, artisanal foods. I think crafting is just a natural part of the human spirit and its only now that we are calling it DIY.”

There’s something to it, I thought and so I conjectured that conducting a very marginal case study might in effect further this point and prove that this isn’t just a backlash we’re experiencing. Ultimately, we’re feeding a hunger to be tangibly creative again.

And when I sat down to bead, what I self-observed was the following: utter concentration, my mind working on a single track, the blossoming of new ideas–some awful but most fairly constructive, ignited creativity in a different capacity: there’s something to be said about the unconsciousness of stringing beads in a particular pattern and order be it shape or color–and doing it consistently. Finally, I noted unusually seamless conversational skills.

This isn’t to say that Charlotte falls victim to particularly bad conversational skills, (I, however, might,) but in this instance, I recognized a new brand of ease. We sat and beaded for an hour and without one single silence. Our conversations nonchalantly covered the recognition of women that actualize their existences through men and companionship, the environmental conditions of that which confuse gender. This parlayed into a conversation about homosexuality and even grazed upon healthcare. That’s not to say that we’re jackbrains who tend to speak about hemlines and boot heels exclusively but it’s interesting that the mere act of sitting down to bead and concentrating on what was directly in front of us instigated some pseudo-intellect.

I think there’s something to that. What are your thoughts?

  • elena

    suddenly after reading this, i have the urge to buy some beads.  perhaps i’ll uncover some subconscious intellectual ideas that have yet to be stirred…no? at the very least bracelets on my aaarms, arms…diamondss on my neck.

  • Great Great Post! 

  • Cecilia Montoya

    I dig, big into DIY

  • Craft is cool.

  • Crafting is a form of self-expression. It also feeds the primal urge to impact on the physical world in a very constructive and positive way. And yes, good conversation may very well follow. :-)))

  • Bravopunks

    is charlotte your intern?

    good writing, like yours, is also a craft, in my humble opinion. 

  • Madisson

    There seems to be something about making things with your hands that allows for a sort of release of your mind while still keeping it engaged, if that makes any sense. It’s really interesting that you mention the increased quality of conversation; I’ve never really noticed it before but now that I think about it, the same has happened to me.  
    And that return to creativity would help explain the explosion of Pinterest, which is of course just dripping with DIY projects. Which is slightly ironic, considering that it’s entirely digital. 

  • nt

    these remind me of bracelets i used to get and give at raves. funny to think that people would sell something like this resulting in a DIY discussion

  • You go girlfran.. The only actualization a feline should have with a man, if she insists on needing to be actualized,  is in the bedroom! 

  • You go girlfran.. The only actualization a feline should have with a man, if she insists on needing to be actualized,  is in the bedroom! 
    As for your silent strike during your crafting.. My partner and I have been partaking in a little creative journey of our own however in the Middle Eastern way with much loquacious chitsying and chatsying. Think acrylics and paintbrushes in the place of beads and thread. 
    Feel free virtually swoop by virtual art diary MR:
    Love, Project XX. 

  • You go girlfran.. The only actualization a feline should have with a man, if she insists on needing to be actualized,  is in the bedroom! 
    As for your tibetan monk-like vow of creative silence, props to you and Charlotte. My partner and I have been partaking in a little creative journey of our own, however in the loquacious Middle Eastern way with much chitsying and chatsying.  
    Feel free to take a virtual swoop by our art diary vivacious MR;

    Love Project XX. 

  • I’ve never been a part of a more powerful conversation than those had while scrapbooking with the girls.  First we never realized how much we actually ARE paying attention to what we read, hear and turn our noses up at (I could actually recite with accuracy what was going on with the Kardashians even without having ever watching a single episode).  So the act of using ones hands to create seems to be directly correlated to using ones brain to partake in meaningful conversation (sans Kardashian episodic brain farts).

  • Catherine and Greer

    That’s a lot of words for a manstagram post, and all too true. You should sell these on your shop page thing. 

  • IPCJ

    finally! someone reassures me that the last 7 years of my life dedicated to DIY jewelry in a remote island in the caribbean doesn’t sound as insane today….I guess all those long hours beading, crafting, sewing have prevent me for going crazy