Call me I do bar mitzvahs

Follow Man Repeller | November 28, 2012

And when I say “do,” I mean perform award speeches. Last night Rebecca Minkoff graced Hilary Rhoda and myself the pleasure of presenting her award from Footwear News for Best Marketer of The Year. Unfortunately, not many people in the room understood my mention of viral videos (I had to sing a verse from “Call Me, Maybe”) and my introductory joke, “You know, I didn’t know one could win a Footwear News award without ever having designed a single shoe before so…thank you! Thank you!” was not as well received as I anticipated it might be.

And what’s a girl to do under such circumstances? Emulate Steve Tyler, of course. Billy Farrell Agency has the most uncanny ability to capture my essence.

What’s that you say? My hair looks short? Funny you should notice! I cut my own hair yesterday, some three inches, and am quite proud of the outcome. In case you’re wondering, I used a meat scissor and stood over a toilet while I snipped and locks fell. Currently, I feel a lot lighter.

Per this outfit: Rebecca Minkoff jacket and dress, Dannijo and Pamela Love necklaces.

  • hahahaha oh L, you never cease to amaze. Laughing at work – brightening up this hump day. congrats on your shoe award – perhaps someone will allow you to put your shoe thoughts to paper and design something.

  • Sonsy

    Funny, that’s how I cut my hair. Haven’t been to a hairdresser in years. My friends ask how I get layers and I tell them “That’s just where it breaks off.”