Breaking in my monk straps and shit.

Follow Man Repeller | October 9, 2012

Cole Haan shoes, $248. Nike technology, priceless. Well, not actually. The technology is most likely embedded into the initial price tag so never mind, just use your fucking Mastercard and get on with it.

  • LOVE. Where did you purchase these for $165, I only see them for $298. Help a gurl save some money!

  • Maddy k

    Excuse me Leandra, I adore your blog and was just wondering, if its not an awkward question to ask. When you wear your gorgeous shoes like those pictured without socks, do your feet get gross and how do you make them not be gross. haha thank you!

    • Leandra Medine

      I get blisters but that is about it!

  • Check out My friend would like to send you a pair to try out! They definitely give Cole Haan a run for their fucking money.

  • Unknown