Behold, A (brick and mortar) Ad
This is a photo taken of a new ad residing on the corner of Bond and Bowery. I speculate several things could potentially be happening here– On the one hand, Jack and Lazarro of Proenza Schouler are subtly inferring deep, mutual respect and appreciation for David Sedaris, see: Me Talk Pretty One Day and more specifically: Sedaris’ younger brother Paul, because Nobody Kills the Rooster and that is a powerful message to even so much as attempt to convey. On another, more logical hand, this could be an homage to some of the F/W prints that will likely find themselves embroidered across your chest, too. MGMT’s Of Moons, Birds and Monsters comes to mind at this conjecture, which is a lovely way to kick start any Wednesday. And finally: maybe, just maybe, it’s a pseudo-wake up call. As in, cock-a-doodle-come-uptown-and-buy-something-at-the-Proenza-store-on-Madison-doo.
Doesn’t it just feel more authoritative than the typical, “hey! Come on by!” Good morning, dudes.
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