Bar mitzvah realness

Follow Man Repeller | January 7, 2013

People seem profoundly disturbed by my smile but it’s fake! A total fake-o. I was doing this on purpose, hash tag big fat durrr. Here is my older brother, Haim and myself engaged in the ultimate butt cramp of swank: a Sunday night Bar Mitzvah. I was going for a Kate Moss ca. 1993 thing with this Chanel slip dress and that bold red lip (compliments of a certain Emily Weiss and Giorgio Armani), (the Olympia Le Tan clutch was peppering from my own mental objects.) Haim was apparently going for Zacahry Quinto. Long live our bushy brows.

  • tijana

    well you might call yourself man-repelling but YOU LOOK HOT 🙂

  • alejandraa

    i thought that was zacahry quinto! lol LONG LIVE BUSHY EYEBROWS!

  • hollygems

    wait…that ISN’T z. quinto????