An Alaia drop is coming…

An Alaia drop is @netaporter @theoutnet

  • Lucidanne6

    Cool fact: I just peed all over the floor at work. By accident, of course.

    • Leandra

       I think I love you

      • Lucidanne6

        Aaaaand I just peed again. Wow! :) 

  • skaplan516

    Cool fact: I am currently wearing 5 layers at work. And sweating balls.

  • Spalmer_60640

    I have added a denim trucker vest to my wardrobe since I have started reading this blog. And i try to host an Arm Party every day!

  • Danakhater

    Check out my latest blog post where i dedicate a song to Mr Alaia himself ( )

  • Alyssa

    Can’t wait Leandra!