All dressed up now where should I go?

Follow Man Repeller | June 9, 2012
  • Pretty!

  • Oh…I love this! Pinning this minute! Go strut around the town, girl!!!

  • I love your look! great combo…Go and crash a party and if there’s no party to crash you call some people and make your own! xoxo

  • LSark

    ahhh i’ve had my eye on that skirt! but let’s be serious, my life’s not that cool and i have noplace to wear it.

    • Leandra

       Me neither! Me neither! It’s just the kind of skirt that forces you to be…cooler?

      • Sumsi

        Gosh! I absolutely love that skirt and would love to wear it to my graduation party. Do you have any idea where I could get it since it’s not available on shopbop anymore….

  • larrygirl

    Oh my, this is gorgeous!

  • Barbara bizi


  • Zena Iles

    omg anywhere.  obsessed with this look.  can’t find skirt anywhere. 🙁  

  • Eva de Wijs

    You look totally gorgeous. I need this skirt so bad! It’s hiding itself for me though…

  • Jennifer Booth

    The floral print on the skirt almost looks as though it’s melting… Love it. You look amazing!

    • Leandra

       Or like…A VAGINA!

  • María Belén Acosta Meana

    I believe it’s very Carrie Bradshaw, really like it

  • =^..^=

    Hey!  you look so  Aunt Flo OVERFLOW-ETH !!!


    but in a totally cool way, sis !

  • Amara Howe

    INSANE STYLE, give me your wardrobe!!!

  • Rita

    Very beautiful!

  • Pauline Sakam

    J’adore!! le mix entre le casual et le dressy est superbe!!!

  • Stephanie La Rosa

    I don’t see this alleged “VAGINA” you speak of

  • Victoriasargasso

    Gorgeous and gimme, gimme those fab shoes!  😉

  • meme

    looooooove it!

  • Sasha

    I love this. I wish I had the balls to go out like this every day

  • wauuuuuu!

  • love this style, nice.

  • so pretty!!