When the items on your feet beg the question: shoes or pants?
SRY I Was Meditating
When you're talking to someone and completely zone out and they offer a sentiment that requires a response and you're shit out of luck because you haven't been listening for the past 55 seconds!
Social Media Shirt
That one piece of clothing you always seem to get "caught" wearing online.
Used to describe yourself at your most dramatic, introspective and web-tangled moments, Soaprah is portmanteau of Oprah and Soap Opera.
The Summer Salute
When you see someone on the street but can't properly wave because of the situation occurring in your armpits.
The Sea
The crowd of bodies that swallows you whole when a show ends.
Single Friend Prop
When a then-friend, now-acquaintance from the days before Relationship Status: It's Complicated officially announces herself single again and as such, turns you into her toy wingwoman.
Seesaw Leg
When one of your legs is so clearly shorter than the other, it causes your pants to appear haphazardly cropped, presumably at the fault of a drunk tailor.
Social Proprietorship
Tricking yourself into believing that by posting and reposting a fashion item that you really want on social media, your hankering to physically have it will be quelled.
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